A FCRBE pilot operation featured in the EU Commission's GPP good practices

Green Public Procurement

As part of the initial phase of the Interreg NWE FCRBE project, we conducted 36 pilot operations. In these, the project partners teamed up with building owners, architects and contractors to raise reclamation and reuse ambitions in ongoing renovation and construction projects. These operations aimed at testing innovative approaches on the field and at raising the awareness of the industry on the importance of reusing building materials.

One of these operations is featured in the last issue of the European Commission's Green Public Procurement Good Practices. The article sheds light on the Nextmed project, which was carried out by the SERS (Strasbourg, France).

This inspiring project shows how contracting authorities can set up ambitious reclamation targets in the procurement of demolition works.

In this case, the reclamation objectives draw on a detailed reclamation audit (including dismantling tests) and a good understanding of the reclamation sector for the different materials at stake. As a result, about 50 tonnes of valuable materials could be reclaimed for reuse (including structural timber, flooring and mural tiles and sanitary equipment).


The detailed case study on the site of EU GPP (in EN)

The FCRBE NextMed pilot operation report (in FR)

To know more about setting reclamation objectives (in FR and NL) (Don't miss the complementary video tutorial)