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Deconstruction @ Constellation.s

In the summer of 2016, Arc en rêve, the architecture centre of the city of Bordeaux, has been featuring Constellation.s, a 2.000 m2 exhibition showcasing more than 100 projects from around the world illustrating “new ways of inhabiting the world […] in the context of today's political, ecological and cultural crisis”.

Rotor's contribution to Constellation.s presented our work as deconstruction contractor through a more toned-down, evocative than didactic installation. We showcased 6 different materials our teams extracted and prepared for reuse. 3D samples of the materials, mounted on pedestals, were shown before oversized pictures of the places they were taken from.

A project commissioned by: Arc en rêve centre d'architecture Curation and scenography: Lionel Devlieger & Andrea Ferreri Photography: Arne Baert Build: Andrea Ferreri, Caroline De Decker, Benjamin Lasserre Thanks to: Maarten Gielen, Tristan Boniver, Benjamin Lasserre, the arc en rêve team With the support of: Wallonie Bruxelles International

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