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Zinneke, Masui4ever – Feder 2014-2020

In November 2015, Rotor launched a new long-term project with the non-profit organization Zinneke for the renovation of their new facilities at Place Masui in Brussels, a project made possible by an EFRO subvention.

Rotor’s role in the project is to assist Zinneke in achieving their reuse objectives. This project seeks to be exemplary in the way it integrates reused components from different sources. Identifying opportunities for reuse components, assessing alternative scenarios for administrative procedures to integrate reuse in public procurements, communicating ideas of reuse with the different actors involved in the project… these are just a few of the challenges that will be tackled by 2020, before the inauguration of the building.

A project by Benjamin Lasserre, Renaud Haerlingen and Anne-Lise Bouillon, with the help of Arthur Wéry, Louis Merle d’Aubigné, Anne-Catherine Hittinger and Manon Portera

A project supported by the ERDF program for the Brussels-Captial Region.

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