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Rotor Deconstruction

After almost 10 years of research on the flows of materials in industry and construction, Rotor is proud to launch a spin-off: Rotor Deconstruction. This project, that soon will become a separate cooperative company, dismantles and sells reusable materials from quality buildings undergoing transformation or demolition.

Rotor Deconstruction sells two categories of materials. On the one hand generic construction elements such as doors, windows, lowered ceilings, lighting divises, etc. On the other hand more exceptional batches of materials from landmark buildings.

The "generics" are sold of straight from the deconstruction site. Before starting the dismantling, an inventory of the available materials is made and send to potential clients in a newsletter. The listings allow clients to select the materials they are most interested in. Once the reserved elements are dismantled and duly packaged, clients are invited to come and pick them up or transport is arranged. This method reduces the cost of transporting and stocking materials and makes it possible for us to provide quality construction elements at very competitive prices, typically 20 to 50% of new value.

More exceptional materials are shipped to our warehouse and sold after quality inspection and/or restauration. Among our warehouse stocks we count elements by many of Belgium's most important designers, such as Jules Wabbes, Christophe Gevers or Joseph Moutschen. An online store provides detailed descriptions of the item and its origin.

Photos by Olivier Beart and Rotor (detailed picture credits in the filenames)

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