Rotor vzw-asbl

Leuven, 2012

Exhibition consisting of a series of paintings depicting 15 scenes captured on the territory of Leuven and related to the cities ambitions on sustainable development.

From the project text:
"Care for the environment, first an activistic concern, then a civil movement, is now being embraced by governments. European cities, regions and nations target ambitious reductions of their ecological impact. The business world follows suit. Sustainability, a loosely defined term, set the moral tone. A curious, somewhat suspicious unanimity governs society."

Rotor's work for Artefact 2013 investigates, dispassionately but not from a distance, how this morality is lived out in different ways. The context is that of the Leuven region today. In Stuk, the results of this research are incorporated into fifteen images, painted onto canvas by Robert Suermondt.

Curated by Lionel Devlieger & Maarten Gielen Research: Koen Berghmans Paintings: Robert Suermondt Scenography: Tristan Boniver & Benjamin Lasserre Mounting: Technical crew of Stuk Commissioned by Pieter - Paul Mortier for Artefact 2013

Interview on the project, by Joseph Grima (as published in Domus 967)

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