Rotor vzw-asbl

Temporary Office Space for Zinneke VZW

This space was meant to function as an office for a limited period of time (3 months up to 1,5 year). We therefore decided to limit our intervention to the construction of adequate furniture and the refurbishing of existing elements.

Our aim was to use exclusively reclaimed materials. The furniture consists of reclaimed office tables and drawers enveloped in disqualified, i.e. water-damaged, plywood. All connections were made with bolts and screws to allow future dismantling and reuse.

The walls are partly covered with reclaimed wood wool cement panels, in order to enhance the overall acoustic performance of the space. The partially dismantled ceiling was kept as such; the panels had already been removed. The existing light fixtures were thoroughly cleaned and repaired where necessary. We also added a circuit of adjustable spotlights to provide individual desks with sufficient illumination.

Commissioned by Zinneke vzw, designed and realized by Maarten Gielen, with help of Alice Versieux, Tim Rottiers, Jean-Francois Wyseur, Lasserre Benjamin, Christophe Wullus, Sylvianne Besson, Jef Philips en Rein De Wilde

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