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In the fall of 2005, Maarten Gielen and Tristan Boniver set out to share Rotor research and learn from the experiences of other creators. They launched Looplab: a laboratory for young designers exploring the potential of industrial leftovers in their work. Based on their portfolios, 10 designers were selected to partake in a six-week workshop during which they had full access to the Rotor database. They had to design a product that made sense, using materials from the database. A one-week exhibition wrapped up the workshop.

The selected designers were Christelle Englebert, Thomas Mendl, Liv Quackels, Kristel Dewulf, Charlotte Lancelot, Mathias Vandenbulcke, Christiane Hoegner, Lien Robin, and Mia Schmallenbach.

Exhibition catalogue (2005)

Press Coverage

De Standaard May 2006

Le Soir Jan 2006

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