SAU goes reuse!

In 2030, and according to the vision of the Brussels' environmental administration, all works done on public building will have to be planned in coherence with the region's circular economy ambitions. In 2040 these constraints will apply to every building. 

The urban development corporation SAU-MSI has chosen not to wait for this legislation to go in effect, but adopt a pro-active pioneering role. Rotor won the tender to accompany this public administration on all of its building and demolition sites in the following 3 years. The mission is operational - what can concretely be done in these specific projects - but also to develop the tools and methods to ensure these operations can be repeated and run in the smoothest way possible. 

Since 2019, we have visited a number of different, often rather anonymous buildings, estimated and described the reuse potentials of the materials present, and provided input on the technical and logistical questions that followed. Typically, these documents were then joined to the public tender for the redevelopment of these sites.

More information during the course of the project... 

Rotor project team

Sophie Boone and Lionel Billiet with the help of Mathilde Haine and Alex Basile