Masterplan haut-bas / hoog-laag

Rotor is currently involved with Bureau Bas Smets in a mission to draw up a master plan for the revaluation of the public space in Brussels' city centre, on the hillsides between the lower and the upper town, and the redevelopment of two squares as a first step in the implementation of the master plan. 

Rotor's role includes assistance in optimising reuse in the redevelopment projects (drawing up inventories of reusable materials, assisting in the design, researching material flows, etc.), but also drafting recommendations for the master plan to generalise reuse practices in the project area.

Among other things, we visited the internal stocks of the City of Brussels' Roadworks Department in order to find out more about the reuse practices already in place and those that could be improved and optimised. 

More news during the course of the project! 

Rotor project team 

Gaspard Geerts, Beatrice Godon and Emilie Thabard with the help of Lionel Billiet

Project team

Bureau Bas Smets in collaboration with Grau, Prof. Dr. Eric Corijn, Up&Cie, Espaces Mobilité, Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies, Plant en Houtgoed, Util and Rotor.