AMOP Mission

As part of the transition towards a more circular economy in the construction industry, Brussels Environement wants to support all the stakeholders willing to implement these practices on a voluntary basis. This is the first phase of a plan moving progressively towards sterner measures. In this context, Brussels Environment contracted a mission to a consortium of experts that would be made available to assist Brussels’ public contracting authorities.

Rotor was part of the selected team. We were in charge of the aspects regarding the reuse of building materials. The partnership was led by ICEDD, also in charge of the aspects regarding exemplar waste management. It comprised BC Architects, for the circular and reversible design aspects, and 3DCM, for the use of digital tools.

Between 2020 and 2021, the consortium took part in 12 projects to facilitate the implementation of circular aspects. Varying from medium (a few social houses) to large scale (Brussels office towers), the projects were at different stages of development (from early, preliminary studies to tender phase). Most of them entailed different aspects of the mission (reuse, reversible design, preservation, waste management…), leading to fruitful exchanges and synergies, not only with the supported contracting authorities but also within the partnership!

In this context, Rotor’s missions were quite diverse:

  • conducting reclamation quick audits and inventories to identify the reuse potential (on site or off site) of the materials present in buildings scheduled for partial demolition
  • suggesting sources of reusable materials relevant to the project
  • assisting in the writing of specifications for salvaging and reusing building materials
  • helping to integrate reuse considerations into the organisation’s internal procedures and templates
  • raising awareness about the need for preserving existing buildings and avoiding unnecessary demolitions.

All in all, the consortium fostered a transfer of knowledge towards public contracting authorities so as to enable them to adopt circular good practices on a more systematic basis in their future developments.

A project carried out by

Olivia Noël, Michael Ghyoot, Gaspard Geerts, with the help of Romane Lavoine, Romane M’Bao, Victoria van Kan.


Bruxelles Environnement / Brussel Leefmilieu


ICEDD (lead partner), BC Architects and Studies, 3DCM.

Contracting authorities supported by the mission

Beliris, BMA,, Commune de Forest (Contrat de quartier Wiels-Senne), Commune de Molenbeek, Commune de Watermael-Boitsfort, Community Land Trust Brussels (CLT-B), CPAS Ixelles, Le Logis-Floréal, Perspective.Brussels, Ville de Bruxelles.




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