From 800kg facade slabs to terrace tiles and wall cladding

Reuse of blue limestone in Multi

After 50 years as a façade cladding, some 82 heavy blocks of blue limestone reclaimed from the MULTI tower (Brussels) are now back in the stone workshop. The talented team of Carrière de Maffle is carefully remanufacturing the blocks in order to produce slabs for the terrasse of the new project. The upper layer with the original chiseled finishing will also be reused as an interior wall cladding. Once more, blue limestone proves its astonishing ability to be reclaimed, repurposed and reinterpreted.

Congratulations to our partners in the project team who help push the boundaries of reuse. Immobel, Whitewood, CONIX RDBM architects, Landscape Design Partnership, Cordeel, De Meuter and Ecoworks.

Video and pictures by Rotor.

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